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Welcome to This Is The Place. In this episode, you will meet the show's hosts and hear how their journey with Parkinson's Disease has led to this collaboration. PARK4U President Paula Vargas is joined by JM Kenny, an entertainment producer living with Parkinson's. They want to build a community that supports patients, caregivers, family members, and everyone in between. If you want to have a few laughs, hear relatable stories, and get a fresh perspective on life with Parkinson's, this is the place.

In this episode, you will hear about Paula and JM's reactions and changes to their lives after receiving the news of a Parkinson's diagnosis. They discuss their mindset shifts,  goals, and lessons learned from the early days of their Parkinson's journeys.

In this episode of This Is The Place, JM goes into further detail about his lifestyle leading up to, and following his Parkinson's diagnosis and how the journey has affected his personal relationship and mindset about how to live a full life.

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In this episode, you will hear about Paula's experience as a caregiver after her mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's and how her purpose and passion shifted as she spent more time learning about the disease in recent years.   

Paula and JM discuss how so many factors can affect someone's diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson's. They go over some of the neurological and physical symptoms and causes that can affect someone as early as their twenties.

In this episode, Paula and JM are joined by Martha Carlin to discuss the importance of the gut and how it affects Parkinson's patients as well as its role in preventative care for the general population. Martha is the CEO of BioCollective, a company that specializes in microbiome research. Her journey into the sciences began when her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's.  More information and resources related to Parkinson's care can be found on her website

In this episode, Paula and JM are joined by two of their closest friends who have helped them through their adjustments to life with Parkinson's. They share stories about finding out the news, how they supported their friends, and how the experience has changed their outlook on life.

In this episode, Paula and JM talk to their friend and holistic health coach, Tracy Leventhal. She talked to them about the idea of "toxic load" and how more things than just the food we eat can contribute to the overall health and immunity of our body. To read about the work she does or sign up for her crockpot cooking classes, visit

In this episode, Paula and JM continue their deep dive on "toxic load" with Tracy Leventhal. To read about the work she does or sign up for her crockpot cooking classes, visit

In this episode, Paula and JM had the pleasure of talking with Jimmy Choi, a man with Parkinson's, about his journey after being diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson's and how he has transformed his life physically despite his body's changes. He is known for his multiple appearances on America Ninja Warrior.

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