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Our Mission

PARK4U ® offers loving support, advocacy, resources, and knowledge to enhance the quality of life for Persons with Parkinson's (PwP, families, and caregivers impacted by Parkinson's Disease).


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    Our Vision    

PERSON-TO-PERSON - To provide the PERSON WITH PARKINSON'S (PwP) and CAREGIVER with a healthy, positive perspective during treatment.

ADVOCACY - To provide ADVOCACY and empowerment to PwP and caregivers when working with healthcare professionals.

RESOURCES – To provide RESOURCES to help you navigate the challenges ahead.

KNOWLEDGE – To provide KNOWLEDGE of innovative treatments and interventions.


    About Us    

The PARK4U Foundation ®, a nonprofit 501C-3, has grown out of the lessons learned by persons and their caregivers living with the devastating impact of a diagnosis of Parkinson’s or other neurodegenerative disease. While there are excellent organizations committed to finding a cure for or helping people live with this diagnosis, and we encourage you to explore them, for PwP and those who love and care for them, these sites and the abundance of information can at times seem overwhelming. The mission of PARK4U is to help you, the PwP and Caregiver, Advocate for yourself, find Resources and share the Knowledge needed to navigate the challenges ahead.


Paula Roxana Vargas, named after her mother Roxana, cared for her mother for ten years at home following her diagnosis of Cognitive Impairment in 2010. Just two years later at the age of 65 Roxana was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease. Despite having numerous professional connections, the help of her father and her sister, and being a strong advocate for Roxana in those ensuing years, Paula found that determining the best care and treatment options for her mother was time-consuming, at times daunting, often frustrating. PARK4U was created as a legacy to Roxana, to offer support and resources to others facing this challenge. The Board of PARK4U is made up of dedicated community professionals, each of whom is committed to supporting each of you – PwP and caregiver – to help you maintain your loved one’s quality of life and even to find treasured moments of joy while on this journey together.

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Governing Board

    Governing Board   

Michael Armstrong
Chief Executive Officer
Paula Roxana Vargas, Psy.D
President & Founder
Akila Bacon
Vice President
Daniel Vargas
Chief Financial Officer
Guy Langer
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J.M. Kenny
Executive Producer & Director of Podcast,
"The Kenny & Vargas Show: Parkinson's Destroyed My Career, but Saved My Life."
Kendra Langer
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We’re in This Together

Contact Us

    Contact Us   

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9040 Sunland Boulevard

Sun Valley, CA 91352

Tel: 818.582.8260 

Fax: 818.582.8263


The PARK4U Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organization designated by the Internal Revenue Service.  

Tax ID number is 83-2684362

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